What is mfine app?

What is mfine App?

In the era where shopping, food, conversation and movies, have become your fundamental digital rights, then why not good health?

Healthcare is also undergoing a digital transformation. Digital platforms like mfine are empowering people with easy access to top doctors and hospitals , consultation or demand , health check at home, providing convenience of time and quality services. Download the mfine App to exercise your right to good health today!

The App mfine connects patients with doctors almost instantly, cutting down on the time spent in clinic and money  spent in transit.

Imagine you are stuck in traffic and you have either missed it and are going to have reschedule or Just see another doctor.

It is these kind of bumps that apps, with. A back end system that runs on artificial intelligence.

Front end function

The app has tie- ups with about 375 doctors,80 hospitals , across 20 specialisation with on ground services in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Delhi. 

You log in and put in the symptoms. This will lead you to the doctors listing page, where you can option for a particular specialist  if you like.

This choice may depends on experience, testimonial and place of operations ( in case you need offline help).

This idea is to put you in touch with a doctor in a minute.

If you are unsure tough, the system will alternatively you may be very specific about which doctor you'd like to see,  coming back to check about something.

" Most often you'll get connected within 30 to 40 minutes, " says Ajit Narayan, a co-founder and the chief technology officer, based out of Bengaluru".

The whole idea is that you access care when you need it he says. One you enter the symptoms or even return with a doubt, the query goes to a ' care team' of doctors that looks at it before senior specialist does.

You get an appointment and pay up - every service is payable and every interaction is seen as a consolation, though follow-up treatment within a week, wheather online or offline ( if you choose to visit the doctor at his location) is not charged.

Prescription may be given, even condition diagnosed, unless the doctor feels he needs to see you.

Dosages may be tweaked uncomfortable questions answered and a second opinion offered.

"It's better than Dr. Google, because you can reach a doctor just to clarify what to do for a headache, rather than popping pills or assuming you have a particular problem," says Dr. Manjula Anagani , managing director and chief gynaecologist , maxcure Suyosha hospital, Hyderabad , who is one of the most senior doctors on this app.

Gynaecology, dermatology and general medicine are the three specialisation that see the most traction.

If the doctor asks you to take a test or some medication, the system will remind you to do so.

You can then upload the report. Past medical records too can be uploaded, so it is also consolidated.

There is new medicine delivery service in Bengaluru and Hyderabad ( they deliver within 60 minutes) as well as a lab-test service that ensures someone comes home.

The anatomy

The app runs on artificial intelligence ( AL), which means that it is a learning as it goes along for starters, when the app went live in December 2017, data was fed in form publicly available medical literature.

There was some tweaking to incorporate customisation with doctors inputs. Then as conversation are had prescription made and more medical research fed into the system, the system keeps evolving.

"The quality improves because the knowledge is built up" save Ajit, a co-founder.

So, when you key in your symptoms, say cold, sore throat, low grade fever, the artificial intelligence system will auto- suggest to the care team what the possibilities are. Thus ensures that human error is minimized.

 "In a month or so, the system will be able to read and capture information from lab reports" sats, Dr. Ajit.

There will be a Photo snippet of key finding, in case the doctor wants to refer to it. The company is also working on the system's ability to read X-ray as well.

All this cuts down on commute time to the doctor and cost per doctor visit. 

The app generally charges 450 rupees for a consultation, which may be what you pay when you make an in person visit in Hyderabad and Bengaluru; if you're accessing it from say, Delhi it is a huge difference. You can also subscribe at rupees 2000 for 6 month, for upto 6 month for upto 6 family member.

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