Essay on Happy New year


The whole world is celebrated on different days and different region of India,the new year starts different times.

 But according to the English calendar the starting of  new year is believed to be from 1st January since the end of 31st december. 

The new English calendar year's start from 1st January.

 In the Gregorian calendar, there are twelve months in one year and new year falls on 1st January which is widely accepted and celebrated as a festival. 

New  year is celebrated with lots of happiness and parties are held from previous night. 

People generally wear new clothes and make merry with merry with friends and family. People forget bad memories of previous year and start new year and dreams

 Therefore this day is celebrated like the festival in the whole world in celebration of the beginning of the new year. 

It is believed that after celebrating the happy new year that if the first day of the year is celebrated with the enthusiasm and happiness then it will be with the same enthusiasm and happiness all Year round. 

According to the hindu calendar, however,the new year does not begin 1st January. 

The new year of Hindu begins with Gudi padva. 

But celebrating New year on 1st January also contributes significantly to the unity of all religions.  

From the previous night of new year i.e 31st December, gathering in different groups at different places, people start celebrating new year and 12 'o' clock everyone wishes each other

We also wish our parents and seek blessings. In this way we celebrate the  new year.

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